The Origination of Peeper Day Designs

Every business venture has a starting line. Crafts and handmade products have always been in-demand. Why? Because every hand made, hand crafted products are unique in itself, it's something you can find at a store in the local shopping mall. Most people will agree that handmade is truly special.

I was introduced to the art of embroidery at the age of seven. My mother taught me how to embroider and I made a linen tea towel and we packed it up and sent it to my grandmother in Florida. She wrote a lovely thank you note and cherished the hand-embroidered towel for years. When I was thirteen, on one of our visits to Southern Illinois to see Great-grandma, she introduced me to the art of quilting. Great-grandma belonged to a church quilting group and once a year, they held a quilting bee. At thirteen, I discovered the joy of sewing clothing. Yes, I admit, I was a "junior fashion maven" and with five children in the house at the time, I am pretty sure I saved my parents a ton of money on clothing.

After being in-between careers, doing a lot of soul-searching and many prayers later, in August of 2003, Peeper Day Designs was launched. Pet quilts remain the flagship product of the company. Each one is lovingly made with fine cotton fabrics and finished with organic cotton batting. Yes, Bruiser Woods would appreciate and approve of something so wonderful and cozy!

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